I think by now everyone has noticed that I really love Halloween and the fall.  Now that it is November 1st it is all officially over.  Last weekend apparently was when everyone celebrated.  Bryan and I missed this memo thinking celebrations would be tonight.  I am sure people will dress up tonight, but most festivities occurred last Saturday.

Yesterday at work we had a pot luck and dressed up for the holiday.  Since it was a little last-minute, I wasn’t planning on going out and getting a costume or spend a lot of money making one.  I was on Pinterest a while back looking at costumes and saw a woman dressed as the “Crazy Cat Lady”.  Perfect.  An easy costume, a comfortable one too.  Chase didn’t have any stuffed animal cats so I printed a bunch of pictures of Toby and Ramona and pinned them to my robe. Beautiful awful bright blue eye shadow, messed up hair and smudged red lipstick completed my costume.

Mostly everyone at work dressed up which was really fun because usually people are too cool.  My coworker was decked head to toe in an amazing penguin costume.  Definitely the winner of the day.  Other costumes were doctors, Marvin the Martian, lady bug, bumble bee, baseball player, old man, comic strip, witch, nerd, Daria..  We had a pot luck that was really good.  My contribution will be in my upcoming post:  Chicken & Waffle Bites.

At home, I attempted to dress up Toby and Ramona for Halloween.  It started with a ghost costume that Toby instantly dashed out of and attacked.  Then I tried a cape – backed out of that one.  Then I made bonnets in the shape of flowers.  No dice.  They attacked those.  So if you were looking forward to my cats in Halloween costumes, sorry as it was a failure.  I am start to thinking cats do not enjoy being dressed up.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!  Next stop – Thanksgiving, a foodie’s favorite.

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