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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was a ton of fun.  Friday evening Bryan took me to Verizon to get a new phone for my birthday.  My iphone has survived for 3 years – the absolute longest time ever for me.  I went through at least 4 blackberries back in the day.  My old phone had a lovely crack from dropping it on a pile ice while reluctantly walking into the gym this winter.  I love love love my new phone and spent a lot of time playing around with it to get my apps all organized etc..

On Saturday, we had people over to our house for a night of drinking.  I made these pretty good strawberry kiwi mojitos that I am posting on the blog this week.  There was a slight flaw in them so I will be sharing the fix for it too.  I consumed probably one too many drinks because Sunday was the laziest day of my life.

We started watching Scandal and haven’t stopped since this afternoon.  Also, if I haven’t mentioned it before, Bryan is obsessed with the weather and so the majority of this evening has been spent watching The Weather Channel while the tornados in the south are going on.  Ew.  I hate tornadoes. They given me severe anxiety.  Next topic.

Anyways —- Mondays are always difficult & in order to make yours a little better I am bringing to you a giveaway.  Cash.  Plus some extras.  Who couldn’t use an extra $150?? I certainly could!  So check it out below & be sure to enter by using the Rafflecopter!

Good Luck!

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Love Your Lunch Series

love your lunch


If you caught up with me with my Life Currently post, you know that I am pretty excited to be co-hosting a series with Cooking Like Lou called Love Your Lunch.

So what exactly is the concept behind this post?  Allow me to give you a small synopsis:

It’s 6:00am and your alarm goes off.  You hit snooze one too many times, scramble to get dressed, grab your coffee, throw a frozen meal or some crummy leftovers in your bag and head off to work/school frazzled.  Lunch time rolls around and you sigh, becoming even more hungry than normal knowing you have an unlovable lunch.  The rest of your day rolls by as slow as molasses accompanied with a growling stomach.

Are you with me yet?  Lunch is important.  Lunch deserves to be loved!  That is where Marisa & I come into play to help you recreate your lunch so that you LOVE it.  Each Tuesday we will be sharing a lunch recipe, lunch tips, or anything lunch related in order to motivate you to love your lunch as much as we do!

For my first installment, I am sharing my basic tips and a recipe-free yummy lunch.

The secret ingredient to loving your lunch is planning ahead.  If you plan your week’s menu on Sunday, be sure to include what you will be having for lunch each day.  The night before make your meal, place it in the fridge all in one spot, and be sure to write yourself a reminder to grab it in the morning.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking leftovers for lunch – I actually think it is a great idea.  However, most of the time I usually make just the right amount for Bryan and me (sometimes Chase) the night before.  It isn’t too often that I will have sustainable leftovers.

In my opinion, it is very important to pack a lunch that contains a wide variety of food groups.  One of my favorite types of lunches are ones that resemble a Bento box.  A small tasting of things to get me through the rest of my day.  Ideally, it will contain a protein, veggie, fruit and some kind of snack.

So for my first Love Your Lunch post, I am sharing my go-to, satisfying Bento Box lunch:


A Hard boiled egg (yum protein!), strawberries, a clementine, a small baggie of pretzels, and sliced cucumbers.  It may not seem like much, but that is because on these days I will have a morning & afternoon snack.  Between arriving to work and lunch, I will have a Greek yogurt.  Then a few hours after lunch (if I am hungry) I will something else (nuts, fruit/veggie/tea).

 I adapted this type of eating when I was doing the clean eating/detox in order to eat 6 small meals each day.  It never left me starving, resulting in overeating.  I strongly recommend it, especially for those who sit all day like me WOMP.  The last thing I want is to eat a burger and fries at work and feel miserable the rest of the day.

On Sunday, boil a bunch of eggs to take as lunches, snacks, or a quick breakfast on the go.  Slice up whatever vegetable you fancy the night before and put everything into a tupperware container.  I find that by preparing my fruits and vegetables for the week, it makes lunch (and dinner) preparation much faster.  So for a Bento Box style lunch, all you need to do is pick what sounds good for the next day!

So there you have it friends, my take on the Bento Box, a small light lunch.  It doesn’t require a lot of work & it will satisfy your lunchtime hunger, but not bog you down with too many carbs or fats.  Another piece of motivation for packing your lunch is to buy a cute little lunch bag – check out Home Goods they have cute ones for $10.00!


Be sure to check out what Cooking Like Lou is bringing to you in order to Love Your Lunch just that much more!


Happy Fat Tuesday!

I had a post scheduled to air today that is my Ode to the Jicama.  However, it didn’t feel right to post such a healthy recipe on Fat Tuesday.  That post will be airing sometime tomorrow because I wanted to dedicate a small piece of Not So Doughie to the absolute doughiest piece of heaven.

Say hello to the Paczki.


Yes, it is the most fattening dessert and we hear/read all of the horrible nutritional facts.  For those of you who do not know what a paczki is it is a donut on steroids.  It is mainly a cake donut filled with some type of jelly so to say.  The traditional paczki is filled with custard or cheese, but now they come is all assorted flavors.

Last night before coming home from work, I ordered a dozen from Krispy Kreme.  I ordered these last year and we were pleasantly surprised.  This year I was not so pleased.  Thank God my coworker lives right by a Polish deli.  They were dishing up homemade paczkis straight from Hamtramck [where my Grandma and Grandpa are originally from].

They surpassed my lame Krispy Kreme ones by a landslide.  Never again will I fall for the commercial bakeries on this delicious “holiday”.  The one that I loved the most had a lemon custard inside.  If you know me personally or just from this blog, you will know lemon is my go to flavor.  Lemon is always in my water and you will always find me eating all the yellow jelly beans or skittles.  This paczki was amazing and certainly worth the what ?1000 calories. NBD.

It’s all about balance and that is what I try to stress on my blog.  I am not one to strictly eat tofu and parsley nor will I buy a bag of doritos at the store.  However, every now and again, especially for holidays, it is OK to treat yourself to something great.  Just remember the next meal to eat leaner or work out 10 minutes longer at the gym.

If you have not had one yet today, go get one now.  Although probably nothing compared to my authentic paczki, Kroger is selling boxes of them for 69 cents.  So go!  Hurry up and treat yourself to a delicious paczki and cup of tea.  You won’t regret it & you most certainly deserve it!

Happy Fat Tuesday!


Meet Cooking Like Lou & two yummy Super Bowl Snacks

Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day! Today Marisa & I are swapping blogs! She blogs over at Cooking Like Lou <--- a must read. She shares her recipes, DIYs, and posts great pictures. We decided to share our expertise in the area of SNACKS! With the Super Bowl coming up, it seemed quite fitting. She has 2 great recipes to share & you can check out her blog for my two recipes. So here she is! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even if you don't know who is playing in the Super Bowl, I would imagine you are still probably looking forward to it. Why? Because I'm sure no one will mind when you turn the big screen tv to the Puppy Bowl. Just kidding, it's obviously all about the food. I was so excited to work with Sara to give people 4 different recipes between the two of us for ideas on what you can make this weekend or for any other type of event. Check out my recipes for BBQ chicken sliders and fruit salsa below!

bbq chicken sliders

what it is: little BBQ chicken sliders made with a slow cooker (because, really, what Super Bowl is complete without a slow cooker)-makes about 15 sliders

stress level: low

leftover potential: high

what you need:

  • 1/4 cup cider vinegar
  • 2 cups tomato sauce
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 small yellow onion, diced
  • 2 pounds chicken breasts
  • sandwich rolls

1. Mix together all ingredients except for the onion and chicken breasts in a slow cooker.

2. Add diced onion and chicken breast and cook on LOW for 6-8 hours or HIGH 3-4 hours.

3. Remove chicken breasts, shred with fork, and return to slow cooker.

4. Serve with small sandwich rolls.

fruit salsa

what it is: Fruit “salsa”- I made a Christmas tree over the holidays, but now I’m revamping it with less concern that it is green!

stress level: low

leftover potential: high

what you need:

  • 3 kiwis
  • ~6 strawberries
  • ~ 8 chunks of pineapple
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 tablespoon orange marmalade
  • 1 bag Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

the how-to:

1. Remove skin from kiwis, dice, and place in a medium bowl. Dice up the rest of the fruit and mix everything together. Tip: I use a food processor (very carefully, don’t pulverize the fruit!) for the the tougher fruits like the pineapple and apple. I become easily annoyed dicing by hand.

2. Stir in the marmalade.
3. Serve with Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips.

Be sure to follow along with Cooking like Lou on social media!


TGBTL: a prized possession

TGBTL Linkup Button 200x200I’m linking-up again this week with Lauren & Hayley!  This week’s prompt:

“Tell us about a tangible thing that holds intangible value”

If I said my two kittens would I be officially coined a crazy cat lady??  I wish I was kidding, people, I really do.  I am not though.  Toby & Ma’am (otherwise known as Ramona) came into my family’s life at a perfect time.  Things were up & down financially which always puts a strain on things.  We I had been talking about wanting a cat for 2 years and finally Bryan & I bit the bullet and found these babies.


I grew up with a cat and always have been a cat person.  Bryan knew from the beginning of our relationship that I wanted a cat.  I couldn’t get one in Chicago because my apartment didn’t allow pets.  Bryan started doing some research and came across Ramona’s “About me” on a Pet Adoption website.  He instantly fell in love and so did I.  When we found out she had some siblings (including a twin brother) we talked about getting 2.  Never in a million years would I think I would have two fur babies.  Needless to say, the rest is history and we welcomed Toby & Ramona to our home in June.

There are plenty of items in my life I could have talked about for this prompt such as my Grandma’s diamond earrings, my 27 year old stuffed animal Bo, etc… but I chose to talk about my cats because I certainly feel like pets become a part of the family.  Yes, they are not things so I slightly broke the rules here, but they certainly hold intangible value.

They make me laugh, I like to make fun of them, I love to cuddle with them, I love when Ma’am sits next to me every night when I blog, I love how Toby sprints into the kitchen when someone is in there, I love how Ma’am crosses her front paws whenever she is sitting, I love making them chase a laser.  Most importantly, I love that they brought a lot of happiness to my family.  I love my fur babies & can only imagine someday when I have children the amount of love I will have for them considering how much I have for two tiger relatives!

I am totally fine with loving my cats and people probably making fun of this post, but ya know what, I don’t care!  Your thoughts on my obsession are welcomed :)  I will sign off with some cute pictures of them. Until next week…





{image via Fine Fit Day}

This post saddens me terribly, but I came across the news on Fine Fit Day.  A mother of three and avid runner was killed by a drunk driver on her morning run.  On January 18, 2014, please run/walk in honor of Meg and use the hashtag #megsmiles in your twitter, facebook and instagram pictures and posts.

I will be running on Saturday to honor someone who was taken away from the world too soon.  Please join me!  And always remember to NEVER drink and drive and be safe outside during your exercise routines.

May Meg’s friends and family find comfort and peace during this trying and emotional time.