dough bites


It’s been awhile since I posted a life currently update so here goes:

1.  I know I have complained about it before, but I am done with this winter.  We had a sneaky “warm” day then got pummeled with another snow storm.  Over it.  Need spring.

2.  I am back at Bikram about 3 times per week.  I love it and I hate it.  The thing I hate the most is the length of time.  Not because it is too long in a scorching sweaty room, but because 90 minutes on a weekday is a lot.  By the time I get to the studio, change, go to class, shower then drive home it is almost a 2 hour ordeal.  However, I strongly believe yoga is one of the best forms of exercise.  Each class I find myself improving a tiny bit – the main reason I love yoga.  You can only get better with time.

3.  I still have been eating pretty well.  Unfortunately, certain events at work, a few lazy nights, and a lot of wine have thrown me a little off course.  I try to use My Fitness Pal as often as possible in order to be held accountable for my food intake.  Tonight I planned my menu for the week  (including lunches and breakfasts) in order to eliminate unnecessary binges.  I think each week I am going to try to challenge myself to eliminate one thing that week ex) cheese, coffee.  This week I am going to try to just have tea in the morning.

4.  My continued thoughts on organic eating…  I am still buying organic when I can / I deem important.  Here is a list of what I buy organically and don’t think I’ll go back:  brown eggs, chicken breasts, apples, kale, chicken stock/broth.  The cost of organic berries, citruses, and some other veggies aren’t so cost efficient at the time for me.  I tried the organic milk and maybe someone can explain this to me, but the expiration date is like over a month.  How is it able to remain that fresh?? I would assume organic milk would expire way sooner.  Ma’am refuses to drink the organic milk which I thought was kind of funny.

5.  I am super excited to announce that Cooking Like Lou and I have paired up to bring you Love Your Lunch Series!  I work in an office all day and when I hate my lunch, I eat poorly.  In order to prevent doughie eating, we will be giving you tips and recipes for yummy lunches that you will love.  These won’t necessarily be recipes for a lunch, but a combination of items, tips on making them ahead and all things lunch.  They also will keep your wallet happy – have you ever put together a list of how much money you spend on lunches during the week?  It can be quite sickening.  We will be posting a Love Your Lunch series each Tuesday so stay tuned!

Are you a food blogger and interested in participating?  Contact me and we can talk about opportunities!

6.  I am pretty pumped for the Fourth of July because of this gem I bought.  I already wore it and will be wearing it prior to the 4th of July but how perfect is it? Stars & Stripes Cardigan.  I may have bought it just because the company’s name is Tobi…

7.  I added a section to my blog called Doughie Bites.  It is where you will  find posts like these and all other lifestyle/social updates not pertaining to food.  So if you are interested in following along, you can find them there.

Have a great week!


three years ago…

this wonderful man & I ate pizza and chatted the night away on our first date… via facetime


it was one of many previous and future facetime dates.  However, it was the one in which we confessed our not so secret interest in one another.  It was the one that is considered our first “date”.  Our first conversation about the future.  Our first us.


The typical phrase to insert here is “and the rest is history”.  But it’s not history because this date feels like yesterday.  It is memories of three years of something great.  No. I did not say three years of endless bliss.  God certainly has thrown several hurdles our way, but together we get through each one and grow more & more, individually and as a couple.


My heart races & I smile as I write this post, a feeling I hope to have 50 years from now.  It is especially fun to look at the pictures of our past.  They literally all feel like yesterday.  It is so hard to imagine THREE years have passed since that cold, wintery pizza date.  Even harder to imagine life without Bryan.


We met in the most random of times & I never ever imagined three years later I would be where I am today.  As I sit here today, missing Bryan while he is in California, I am counting my blessings.  I am lucky to have found such a selfless, loving, fun, dorky, comforting, & good looking guy.


Thanks for standing by my side, cheering me on, letting me complain, being my taste-tester, shutting all the cabinets I forget to close, holding my hand, tolerating my cat obsession, growing with me, buying me snacks at movies, sharing the last bit of your Drumstick that is so amazing, being pretty awesome parents together, and loving me unconditionally.  So Bryan, I look forward to sharing yet another pizza via facetime with you tonight & to many more memories & years to come.




life currently…

1.  Has me trying out a cleaning eating / detox program.  My sister got me involved in a 10 day cleanse.  Today was day 1 and it was pretty normal, except some strict guidelines:

No alcohol (NO WINE WHAT???).  No sugar.  No wheat/gluten.  No dairy (probably the hardest part).  No caffeine (2nd hardest part).

breakfast:  smoothie or oatmeal dish
lunch:  chicken or fish + brown rice + steamed veggies
dinner:  repeat above

A vegetable “detox broth” can be consumed anytime during the day + a detox bath at night + lemon water + a few dietary supplements.

I feel just fine today & am hoping to keep on track, but I would be lying if I said it was a breeze.  I am writing right now basically I desperately want to run into the kitchen and gorge on the homemade chocolate chip cookies I made (post coming soon).  I will resort to the detox tea I am allowed to drink, which I actually really like… it has a chai-like taste.

My goal with this clean eating/detox/cleanse is to jumpstart my system and start over.  Diet is so important to stay healthy and I noticed myself putting garbage into my body and that needs to stop.  There are a lot of items that are “allowed” on this cleanse so I will be posting a few recipes along the way.

2.  Has me involved in a Diet Bet.  A what?  A bet on my diet.  Sort of… Hallie over at Life Ocean Side created a game on Diet Better.  The concept is simple.  You put in money and pledge to lose a certain percentage of weight loss.  The pot grows.  You work your butt off and win da cashola.  I could use a little extra in my pocket and I am on my healthy, clean eating kick so hoping to lose the 5 pounds I need to claim the prize :)  All the while though I will be cheering on the other participants to reach their weight loss goals!  What a great virtual Biggest Loser!

3.  Loving detox baths – I will share the recipe I have been using on my blog once I adjust it to perfection.  It seriously made me feel great & super relaxed.  Post to come soon.

4.  Has me annoyed with work.  Some changes were put into place that has somewhat changed my feelings on work.  Maybe I am just being dramatic & it’s Monday.  I wish Not So Doughie was my j-o-b.

5.  Has me excited for Wednesday. I will be swapping blogs with Marisa @ Cooking Like Lou!  We will be sharing 2 of our go-to Super Bowl appetizers.  We are both really excited!  Check out her blog it is awesome!

5.  Has given me a migraine.  I just released I have a killer headache.  Maybe it is my body detoxing?  Who knows, but that just means early bedtime for me!  I’ll leave you with a picture of Mr. Toby feeling my pain…

IMG_3056until next time,