three years ago…

this wonderful man & I ate pizza and chatted the night away on our first date… via facetime


it was one of many previous and future facetime dates.  However, it was the one in which we confessed our not so secret interest in one another.  It was the one that is considered our first “date”.  Our first conversation about the future.  Our first us.


The typical phrase to insert here is “and the rest is history”.  But it’s not history because this date feels like yesterday.  It is memories of three years of something great.  No. I did not say three years of endless bliss.  God certainly has thrown several hurdles our way, but together we get through each one and grow more & more, individually and as a couple.


My heart races & I smile as I write this post, a feeling I hope to have 50 years from now.  It is especially fun to look at the pictures of our past.  They literally all feel like yesterday.  It is so hard to imagine THREE years have passed since that cold, wintery pizza date.  Even harder to imagine life without Bryan.


We met in the most random of times & I never ever imagined three years later I would be where I am today.  As I sit here today, missing Bryan while he is in California, I am counting my blessings.  I am lucky to have found such a selfless, loving, fun, dorky, comforting, & good looking guy.


Thanks for standing by my side, cheering me on, letting me complain, being my taste-tester, shutting all the cabinets I forget to close, holding my hand, tolerating my cat obsession, growing with me, buying me snacks at movies, sharing the last bit of your Drumstick that is so amazing, being pretty awesome parents together, and loving me unconditionally.  So Bryan, I look forward to sharing yet another pizza via facetime with you tonight & to many more memories & years to come.




Happy 3 Month Anniversary!


The blog is 3 months old today!  It seems like I have been doing this for a lot longer.   In light of Not So Doughie’s 3 month anniversary, I am excited to announce that a makeover is around the corner!

Marquis over at Simply Clarke & Chelsea at Olive & Ivy are working with me to create a new design for the blog.  I am excited to take on the New Year in style.  There won’t be any content change to the blog so don’t worry.  I will continue to post delicious recipes, adventures, and snippets from my life!  

ALSO ::: Don’t forget to spread the word!  Give Not So Doughie some love by sharing my link with your friends and family!

Stay tuned for highlights from Christmas, what to do with leftover mashed potatoes, and a light shrimp dish!