Grilled Chinese BBQ Pork Tenderloin


Hi all! Happy third Monday of the month!  That must mean I am posting on A Dose of Paige…right you are and this is one not to miss.  I am sharing a unique version of pork tenderloin – Grilled Chinese BBQ.  Busy night?  Well, with this recipe dinner will be ready in 20.  Head over to Paige’s blog to check out the delicious recipe!

Grilled Chinese bbq pork tenderloin



Pork & Pineapple Fried Rice

{takeout at home}

I find that stir fry dishes are the easiest way to prepare a meal, especially when cleaning out the cupboards.  I knew I had a piece of pork tenderloin still in the freezer from my earlier post [Pad Thai Pork Tenderloin].  I decided to venture to Asia again and prepare a fried rice dish using the pork.  I was happy to know that everything except the green onions & seasoning packet I already had at home.  On my way home from work (ew I had to work on a Saturday) I picked up the onions and seasoning at the store.  Bryan and I were starving so I started making dinner at 4:30 – hello early bird special.

Normally, I venture away from seasoning packets as I love to create my own and I also used to work for a spice company so I find it challenging to stray from their spice blends.  However, I was so hungry that I decided to just grab one the stir fry seasoning packets at the store.  I also believe I need a restock on my Asian line from Urban Accents (check them out here).  I decided to go with the one that specifically noted NO MSG.  I love salt… a little too much, but MSG = malo.  The seasoning had great flavor – I definitely recommend the Sun-Bird line of Asian seasonings and sauces (click here for the blend).

Dinner preparation was very easy and enjoyable.  I love making stir fried dishes because everything goes in an order and this dish is no exception.  Follow the steps and you cannot go wrong.  If you are new to the cooking scene, I suggest starting with stir fry dishes as they are very hard to mess up – and you can add really anything you like to them.

The fried rice is a pretty healthy dish – especially if using brown rice and lean meat.  If you are looking to cut weight watcher points or calories, eliminate the pork and up the veggies or reduce the amount of oil (or try coconut oil).  Looking to add a bit more?  Add chopped peanuts or cashews.  I hope you enjoy :)


{Click here for the recipe}