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It’s been awhile since I posted a life currently update so here goes:

1.  I know I have complained about it before, but I am done with this winter.  We had a sneaky “warm” day then got pummeled with another snow storm.  Over it.  Need spring.

2.  I am back at Bikram about 3 times per week.  I love it and I hate it.  The thing I hate the most is the length of time.  Not because it is too long in a scorching sweaty room, but because 90 minutes on a weekday is a lot.  By the time I get to the studio, change, go to class, shower then drive home it is almost a 2 hour ordeal.  However, I strongly believe yoga is one of the best forms of exercise.  Each class I find myself improving a tiny bit – the main reason I love yoga.  You can only get better with time.

3.  I still have been eating pretty well.  Unfortunately, certain events at work, a few lazy nights, and a lot of wine have thrown me a little off course.  I try to use My Fitness Pal as often as possible in order to be held accountable for my food intake.  Tonight I planned my menu for the week  (including lunches and breakfasts) in order to eliminate unnecessary binges.  I think each week I am going to try to challenge myself to eliminate one thing that week ex) cheese, coffee.  This week I am going to try to just have tea in the morning.

4.  My continued thoughts on organic eating…  I am still buying organic when I can / I deem important.  Here is a list of what I buy organically and don’t think I’ll go back:  brown eggs, chicken breasts, apples, kale, chicken stock/broth.  The cost of organic berries, citruses, and some other veggies aren’t so cost efficient at the time for me.  I tried the organic milk and maybe someone can explain this to me, but the expiration date is like over a month.  How is it able to remain that fresh?? I would assume organic milk would expire way sooner.  Ma’am refuses to drink the organic milk which I thought was kind of funny.

5.  I am super excited to announce that Cooking Like Lou and I have paired up to bring you Love Your Lunch Series!  I work in an office all day and when I hate my lunch, I eat poorly.  In order to prevent doughie eating, we will be giving you tips and recipes for yummy lunches that you will love.  These won’t necessarily be recipes for a lunch, but a combination of items, tips on making them ahead and all things lunch.  They also will keep your wallet happy – have you ever put together a list of how much money you spend on lunches during the week?  It can be quite sickening.  We will be posting a Love Your Lunch series each Tuesday so stay tuned!

Are you a food blogger and interested in participating?  Contact me and we can talk about opportunities!

6.  I am pretty pumped for the Fourth of July because of this gem I bought.  I already wore it and will be wearing it prior to the 4th of July but how perfect is it? Stars & Stripes Cardigan.  I may have bought it just because the company’s name is Tobi…

7.  I added a section to my blog called Doughie Bites.  It is where you will  find posts like these and all other lifestyle/social updates not pertaining to food.  So if you are interested in following along, you can find them there.

Have a great week!


Health Kick & Detox Salad

{gettin’ healthy}

Although my blog deems me not so doughie, I will admit that I have a tendency to go through doughie phases.  I wasn’t feeling very happy with myself so I jumped back onto my health train in full force.  After work yesterday, I decided to try out a new work out class near my work.  It is called Nth Degree Fitness and is so great!  I loved it.  The concept is to combine cardio and strength training to maximize weight loss.  The class is 55 minutes long and rotates between 5 minutes on the treadmill and 5 minutes of various exercises on the floor/bench.  The time went by so fast and the lights, music, and nearly personal trainers were an amazing motivation for me.  Check out the link below for more information about the classes.

          Nth Degree Fitness     [my new addiction]

I also have gone back to Bikram yoga.  I have a love/hate relationship with Bikram.  It is nearly torture while in the 105 degrees, but afterwards or when I finally get my knee to lock and complete Dandayamana-Janushirasana (standing head to knee pose).  The down side of Bikram is the 90 minute class takes up so much time.  By the time it is over, I shower and head home the work out experience is nearly 2.5 hours long.  I did a 10 day challenge back in August.  It was very hard, but I was starting to see some pleasant results.  Also, I love that with yoga you can constantly improve and challenge yourself in each pose. 

I plan to rotate my work outs so I can avoid the boredom that typically happens when I just focus on one thing.  I will keep you updated about my work outs :)

After the class, I got home and knew we were going to have a “whatever” night for dinner.  I was going to go with some steamed vegetables, but I ended up creating a “detox” salad.  This post isn’t a recipe per se, but rather a reminder that eating healthy isn’t difficult.  I listed the ingredients I had in my salad and the health benefits of each.  It was pretty tasty and filling too.



What’s in this salad and how can it help your body?

1.  Kale
     What’s in it?  Vitamin A, K, C, lutein, antioxidants
     How does it help me?  eye health (from lutein), anti-cancer & bone health (from vitamin K),
low in calories, high in fiber (so keeps you full!)

2.  Parsley
     What’s in it?  Vitamin C, B12, K & A
     How does it help me?  boosts immune system, anti-inflammatory

3.  Cabbage
     What’s in it?  potassium, fiber, vitamin C, sulphur
How does it help me? 
least amount of fat & calories than any other veggie, anti-cancer,

     fights infections

4.  Pomegranate [superfood]
     What’s in it?  ANTIOXIDANTS
     How does it help me?  blood circulation, lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol, prevent skin damage

5.  Bulgur Wheat
     What’s in it?  100% whole wheat, protein, iron, vitamin B-6
     How does it help me?  cell repair, digestive system regulation, fills you up

6.  Carrots
     What’s in it?  vitamin A, beta-carotene, 
     How does it help me?  eye health, anti-cancer, promotes skin health

7:  Olive Oil
     What’s in it?  vitamin E, vitamin K, healthy fats
How does it help me?
  anti-inflammatory, smooths hair and moisturizes skin

8.  Lemon Juice
     What’s in it? Vitamin C, calcium, iron
     How does it help me? blood purifier, liver cleanser, weight loss, boosts metabolism,

So there you have it.  All great ingredients to incorporate into your diet.  Want this recipe?  Simple – combine all ingredients and toss.  Here’s to {another} health kick and another step towards being not so doughie.


[nutritional information in this post is based on light research & my own knowledge.  talk to your doctor before starting a weight loss program]