April Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Remember when I posted my first Foodie Pen Pal review?  I loved all the stuff that I received from Chrystal over at Yum Eating that I of course signed up for February eager to make another new “blog friend” and participate in the exchange.

Unfortunately, my February pen pal didn’t have a blog and there wasn’t much of a connection between us like my first month’s pen pal.  Regardless, I put together an adorable foodie package for my pen pal – coffee mug, creme brule coffee and some other items.  I never heard from her once I sent it and got a package from her about a month later with just a few items in it.

Needless to say, my experience wasn’t the best so I wasn’t going to sign up again.  I decided to try it again for April anyways because I wanted to give it another go and hope my next pen pal experience was better.

I was paired with a lady named Ronata and we emailed back and forth & then I put together her package.  In this one I included two Michigan made items – a delicious mustard that Bryan and I first got when we were up north and a berry jam.  Then some of my other favorites – a Mio, granola bar, drink mixes and my homemade Pad Thai recipe.  I was so sad to hear that the jam busted in transit :(  However, she did say she was able to salvage everything else luckily.

I love getting mail, especially packages so I was excited when Ronata’s pen pal box arrived. Below I pictured some of the stuff she sent me:

IMG_3994Her sons like to participate in the swap so she said one of them wanted to include the grape rope.  It was so good!  I love fruit snacks and this one was basically a healthier version of one.  In addition, I loved the purple sweet potato chips.  How clever and tasty too!  I am pretty sure I would eat an entire box of these in one  sitting if I allowed myself.

My favorite was of course her homemade hot salsa!  Like me, Ronata is a foodie and she loves to can her own stuff.  I told her in our correspondences that I love spicy food so she sent me her hot salsa.


Another interesting item in my package was a dessert decal.  I haven’t tried these out yet, but now I have an excuse to make a batch of cookies and use these.  Basically they are little edible designs that you place on top of frosted cookies or cakes etc.  I definitely will be taking a picture of these to share when I make them!

It’s not pictured above because I already used it, but she sent me a packet of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter.  Sooooo good.  One of my go-to breakfast is a piece of toast with peanut butter, drizzled with honey.  This little sample was delicious and I most definitely will be buying myself a jar.

My experience this month was much better than the last and I am hoping to participate again next month.

If you are interested in joining, you can find out how by clicking on the button below:


The Lean Green Bean
What kind of mail exchanges are you involved in?

do you like to win things??



Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was a ton of fun.  Friday evening Bryan took me to Verizon to get a new phone for my birthday.  My iphone has survived for 3 years – the absolute longest time ever for me.  I went through at least 4 blackberries back in the day.  My old phone had a lovely crack from dropping it on a pile ice while reluctantly walking into the gym this winter.  I love love love my new phone and spent a lot of time playing around with it to get my apps all organized etc..

On Saturday, we had people over to our house for a night of drinking.  I made these pretty good strawberry kiwi mojitos that I am posting on the blog this week.  There was a slight flaw in them so I will be sharing the fix for it too.  I consumed probably one too many drinks because Sunday was the laziest day of my life.

We started watching Scandal and haven’t stopped since this afternoon.  Also, if I haven’t mentioned it before, Bryan is obsessed with the weather and so the majority of this evening has been spent watching The Weather Channel while the tornados in the south are going on.  Ew.  I hate tornadoes. They given me severe anxiety.  Next topic.

Anyways —- Mondays are always difficult & in order to make yours a little better I am bringing to you a giveaway.  Cash.  Plus some extras.  Who couldn’t use an extra $150?? I certainly could!  So check it out below & be sure to enter by using the Rafflecopter!

Good Luck!

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Happy Thoughts Thursday


Life is so busy.  We go from one thing to the next to the next.  We think hard all day about a lot of things.  However, sometimes we need reminded about the little things that are the most important.  I am practicing all the following in 2014.  Today, I am going to dive back into reading.  What will you be focusing on?



should I go???

A year ago, I was waking up to this incredible view:

IMG_0626Today, the sun is shining and I am sitting in awkward positions on the ground just to soak up a little bit of vitamin D.  It is so deceiving though considering it is 25 degrees outside.  Needless to say, I have warm weather on the mind.

The other day while reading through my bloglovin’ feed, I came across several posts and tweets about Blogcation.  I visited the site… 10 times… and slowly became mesmerized by the idea.  At first, I thought to myself oh no, not for me.  I just blog for fun, I am not a lifestyle blogger, I am new to blogging, I could never afford this, people would think I am stupid for even considering it, will it be beneficial for my food blog.  I mean it went on and on.  I was trying to convince myself it was something I didn’t want to do.

I am not good at convincing myself about something that I know isn’t what I am thinking.  It is a component of my anxiety that I deal with more often than not.  That being said, I continued to visit the blogcation website on the reg. Trying to learn more about it.


In a nutshell, Blogcation is a blogger conference on steroids.  Erin behind the blog Two Thirds Hazel is the brain behind the event.  Blogcation is a week long cruise January 2015 that includes stops to beautiful tropical places, a couple days of blogging conferences, and blogging cocktail parties.



The speakers/teachers at the conferences are some of my favorite bloggers.  Their blogs are very successful and I would be so interested in hearing their advice.  Not to mention, who doesn’t want need a week long vacation during snowy January??


I have a few reservations and still need some convincing/thinking, is this for me?

1.  I am mainly a food blogger. Will I learn useful things to put to use? Or is the conference mainly for lifestyle bloggers?

2.  It is not cheap.  Let’s be serious, I get paid in meatballs at work so money is very precious.  I suppose I have plenty of time to save up, but would the money be better invested elsewhere?  I am sure it can, but is this an opportunity that is once in a lifetime?


3.  My blog is not even 6 months old.  Do I have a lot more to learn before boarding a ship with fellow bloggers that are pros?

4.  It’s about a year away.  Will I still be blogging then?  I hope so!  What if something comes up that week, say a wedding ;)

5.  Will my anxiety get the best of me and prevent me from being social, engaging with other bloggers, being myself etc.?

6.  I need a buddy to join me.  Sure, there is the option to share a room with another blogger, but I would prefer someone to join me.  I am trying to convince Bryan along with myself… he is not a fan of cruises.  Do you want to be my buddy on the trip??

There are also several things I am already sold on:

1.  A vacation.  yes, please.

2.  Meeting some talented ladies (and gents) behind some of my favorite reads.

3.  Being spontaneous and doing something I never have before.

4.  Going on a trip with Bryan (if I can convince him to come) to somewhere beautiful.


5.  Developing relationships, learning more about a successful blog, connecting with other bloggers in order to increase traffic to this little ol’ blog.

I obviously have a bit of time to think about it, but it has been on my mind all week so I thought I would write about it and see what my readers are thinking.  Are you a blogger and going?  If you were a new blogger, would you go?

Now back to my morning coffee and reminiscing about being here:



Happy Thoughts Thursday

I love the weekly posts that other fellow bloggers have on their blog regularly.  I want to become more consistent with that kind of stuff on top of my culinary adventures.  Thursday’s are a nice day of the week because it is almost, ALMOST Friday.  Therefore, in order to get through the last leg of the week I am presenting to you HAPPY THOUGHTS THURSDAY!

A little something for you to read to inspire, smile, regular laugh, nose laugh, motivate and think.

Today’s happy thought is by one of my all time favorite buds (yeah we are bff), A.A. Milne.  I think you have seen him float around this blog a few times & Mr. Winnie the Pooh was featured in my Maid of Honor Speech at my sister’s wedding.  Today’s happy thought is about living in the moment – it is a gift, a present, the present, that we are here so enjoy it, savor it & be happy.

May your present be happy.

Do you have a happy thought today?  Share it in the comments!



#SipHappens {a wine party + a giveaway!}

I am sooooo excited to be a part of my 1st group giveaway! I love to drink wine, learn about wine, sip wine, look at wine, chug wine, slap the bag wine, and all other wine related activities. That being said, I wanted to participate in the 1st giveaway for the Sip Happens Link-Up. It is totally awesome and I will be throwing together a party soon featuring the next wine: Goats Do Roam.

In a nutshell, someone picks a bottle of wine solely based on the look of its label, a party is thrown, guests bring wine to compare to the Wine of Honor, you drink & eat, I blog about it. Sounds right down my alley. Friends in the area… I hope you can come!
Check out all the information below for details on how you can participate! There also is a great give away! Cheers!


Chicken Scratch | Eva Marie Taylor | Living in Yellow

Detroit Duchess | Peacoats and Plaid

Amanda Lynne Designs | Not So Doughie | All That Glitters | Sequins and Scissors

One winner will take home $75 in Paypal cash to be used on hosting your next Sip Happens Party (or really whatever you want), a sponsor package of your choice on Living in Yellow, a set of 4 custom hand painted coasters from Eva Marie Typography, a wine carrying tote donated by Detroit Duchess and a Rosebud necklace from Chicken Scratch’d Designs.

Before we get to the giveaway, let us introduce you to our next guest host of the upcoming Sip Happens Party link up that will take place in April. Meet Kate, from Another Clean Slate.


To stay up to date on all things Sip Happens related, be sure to follow the hosts: Val & Eva.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


coming up!

I am pretty excited about a few happenings going on with Not So Doughie in the bloggin’ world that I wanted to share!

[one] I signed up for a second go with Foodie Pen Pals.   We received our matches and I think I was paired with a non-blogger.  I told her to check out my blog – so shout out to my February pen pal!  It’s too late to sign up for February, but if you are interested for next month check out the information HERE.

[two]  Next week I will be swapping blogs with Becca.  She blogs over at Two Places at Once and has some yummy recipes and insightful words, check it out.  In light of Valentine’s Day next week, we will be sharing some v-day inspired dishes.  On her blog, I will be sharing a not so doughie romantic dinner for two & she will be sharing some breakfast treats to share with your valentine.  Be sure to check out the swap next Wednesday!

[three]  Kallie over at First, But Coffee put together a Mug Swap for bloggers who love all the fun mugs out there.  We are paired with another mug-lovin’ person and you get a new, cool mug.  I am excited to be a part of the swap and meet some new bloggers who also have an obsession with mugs, teas and coffee!  You can check out the details HERE and join!  You don’t have to be a blogger for this one either.

[four]  I am participating in my first group give away!  I am so excited and feel like I put my big girl blogging pants on finally :)  The give away is based around the #SipHappens link-up event.  In a nutshell, a blogger picks out a wine based on its label only and other bloggers throw Sip Happens parties, comparing other wines to that wine.  We blog about it, give away goodies and are merry because well… we are drunk happy.  The giveaway will include $75.00 in paypal cash, a cute wine tote, hand-painted coasters, and a sponsorship package on Living in Yellow.  Be sure to check back on Monday and enter for your chance to win!

[five]  I am posting my Pineapple Salsa recipe this weekend!  It is so easy to make and to me tastes a bit like summer, which I need badly.

so that’s it folks.  it is Friday, thank god.  I am blogging / pretending to wrap up my day in the pharmacy.  I hope you have a great weekend!