Not So Doughie Goes DIY

Blogging can and is a full time job for a lot of people.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury although oftentimes I dream & wish it were true.  Blogging is fun, I love it and really treasure what I have done with Not So Doughie over the past year (my one year is coming up believe it or not).  However, blogging is very very time-consuming and takes a lot of patience.  With my commute & work & life in general, sometimes it is hard to squeeze in a meal and try to photograph it before the sun sets.  That is why my 3 posts per week have gone down to…maybe.. one per week…

Also, sometimes I tend to go through phases where I am not really “into” food.  I eat random pieced together lunches and dinners, pizza and Jimmy Johns or not eat at all.  It happens…  It’s like I go into food overload with cooking so much that I just need a little break.  Lastly, I fall into DIY or work out obsessions that puts cooking on the back burner.  Case in point for the most recent blog hiatus.


I developed a slight obsession with stalking nearby Goodwills or Salvation Armys for old furniture and redoing it.  Now I have only completed two projects so far, but I am so proud of them.  So I of course wanted to share them on the blog!

The first piece I found was this beat up looking entertainment center stand.  I initially envisioned it to be a bench by our basement door that would hold our shoes in baskets.  However, after it started to come together we decided it would work great as a coffee table in our living room.

I started by sanding the entire piece with the electric sander I bought from Walmart hashtag girlswithpowertools. It took a few couple hour sessions in order to get it completely stripped to the raw wood.  Then I used a dark walnut stain on the entire piece and finished it off with 3 heavy coats of polyurethane.  What do you think??

coffeetableNSD coffeetableNSD2

My next project was this hideous old dresser + hutch I found at the army.  It was pretty beat up, but I had a vision of it being a cute, shabby chic addition to our dining area.  All of my platters and seasonal napkins/placemats are stuffed into one of the most difficult cupboard possible in our kitchen.  I wanted a small piece to keep these items and also give a little beachy colors to our dining room.

For this project, I did zero sanding or priming thanks to the wonderful paint craze: chalk paint.  It was my first time using it and I definitely learned a lot.  I absolutely will be playing around with it again on another project.  With chalk paint you can paint over absolutely anything (including fabric!) and it covers it while also giving it a distressed look with a little sanding.   Have you ever used chalk paint?



I have two pending projects in the garage that I will share when completed!  A large mirror & a basic end table.

I want to give Not So Doughie a bit more attention, but like I said food posts are time-consuming.  I am thinking about using the blog as also a DIY, lifestyle blog on top of my recipes.  Would you continue to read if I posted on these topics?  Would you read less?  I am very interested in your feedback!!