And so the hiatus ends…

The Not So Doughie hiatus has come to an end and I am ready to get back into blogging.  I apologize to those who missed my posts, but I promise to get back into it.  The most difficult part is finding the time to blog.  As a food blogger, it is crucial to have sunlight to capture quality pictures.  Winter in Michigan has been pretty brutal with the cold & darkness.  It’s impossible to get home from work & throw together dinner then take a good picture.  Although it isn’t even remotely warm, I decided that my blog isn’t really about my picture quality, but more so sharing my meals & snippets of my life with those who are interested.

I think I was trying to perfect each post & not be very me.  So here I am again and excited to start sharing some new, not so doughie, recipes and also just about life in general!

Although I don’t have a recipe to share today, I leave you with some dough bites & potential blog ideas.


who is sick of winter, say me!  MEEEEEEE!  I am beyond sick of the coats, socks, cold, dry, salty cars etc etc.  I need some vitamin d!  Bryan, Chase & I went skiing up north where it was record lows (-24).  The trip definitely did me in.  Bring on the sunshine!


since the beginning of the year, I have been focusing on my health a lot.  I joined a nice gym where I began falling in love with yoga again.  I did a few Pinterst-inspired monthly challenges and really changed a lot of my lifestyle to incorporate healthy meals, smaller portions, limited carbs, and daily exercise into my life.  My favorite new toy is my fit bit.  More to come on how I use it each day.


When I joined the gym, I received a coupon to try out Door to Door Organics.  It is a weekly (or whatever delivery option you choose) that delivers organic produce & any additional organic product you add to your cart to you.  My favorite are the add-ons.  I have been buying organic meats and poultry from local farmers.  The quality is insanely delicious.  More to come on this soon.


Another monthly food program we participate in is called KidStir.  Each month Chase receives a box containing about 3 recipes and some utensils or products to use in your recipes.  We have had a lot of fun making these recipes.  The first package comes with a binder that you collect all the recipes in so we have a nice little book started.  More to come on this too with some pictures.


Blog-spiration… is there anything in particular that you would like to see featured on Not So Doughie?  Any genre or a specific dish?  I am brainstorming ideas and am always open for suggestions.

I love forward to getting back into the swing of blogging.  I hope all my followers continue to follow & please let your friends and family know about my blog!


Dough Bites

Happy Hump Day!  I feel like I always start my posts with the same line, but I will say it again… It’s been a while!  I supposed I will spare you any excuses and cut to the chase about my recent absence. ..


+    Changes.  There has been a slight change in my life so to say that has taken up a bit of my time and probably will for the next few weeks.  The change in life is a completely new position within my company!  If you don’t know me on a personal level, I will give you a little synopsis about my career.  I work at a pharmacy and have been there for 2 1/2 years.  In my most recent position, I oversee the technicians, a lead technician if you will.  Our company was acquired by a speciality pharmacy which opened up a lot of opportunities.  I started interviewing for the sales position and I’ll be darned if I wasn’t picked.  I am thrilled to start this new chapter and can’t wait to see the company I am so passionate about grow even more.  Next week I will be training and learning more about the position.  I am very sad to not be in the pharmacy any longer and actually teared up a bit telling one of my favorite patients, but it’s time to take the next step.  Wish me luck!

+    I feel like a neglectful mother. My blog’s 1st birthday was on September 31st and I never wished it a happy birthday.  I cannot believe I have been at this blogging stuff for a year!  In light of its birthday, I will be putting together a little giveaway.  It will include some Not So Doughie kitchen items (thanks to my uncle), a gift card to my fav kitchen store, Homegoods, and a few of some cute kitchen accessories.  You must stay tuned to the blog for that giveaway and enter enter enter!  The post will be either next week or the following.

+    All things fall.  We had our annual apple orchard trip a few weekends ago.  It was perfect fall weather and of course we enjoyed our cinnamon donuts, coffee, and cider.  We’ve been eating A LOT of apples.  I made 1 apple pie and that’s about it.  Just lots and lots of apples for snacks and dinners and lunches and breakfasts.  I think I need an apple break.  There are still a few left so I might do something this weekend because they are getting soft, gross.

+     DIY status.  I’ve been working on a little end table for our living room.  The before and after pictures will be posted once completed.  So far I’ve sanded the top and stained it with the same dark walnut as my coffee table.  The bottom part I hope to make a distressed white using chalk paint.  I’m still on the hunt for a farm kitchen table and have made trips to the Salvation Army a regular weekend activity to see if anyone drops off a nice piece.

+    In the kitchen.  I’ve actually been cooking a decent amount, but just nothing blog worthy / I don’t have time to take the pictures.  We’ve had homemade spaghetti, tilapia stuffed with crab (these were pre-made at kroger and very tasty), chicken stir fry, steaks.  I will be posting the basic marinade I made for the steaks.  Delicious.

+    Fitness.  I bit the bullet and joined Planet Fitness again.  Since I won’t be working in the office any longer (which has a gym for us to use), I needed to join again.  So far so good with my attendance and I think I have finally realized that once I fall off the wagon I have to ease myself back up onto the wagon, instead of going 100mph.  I think this is the cause of falling off… go too extreme and get let down and quit.  Quitters never win.

Alright well that’s all that I have for now.  Back to watching Modern Family.