dough bites


It’s been awhile since I posted a life currently update so here goes:

1.  I know I have complained about it before, but I am done with this winter.  We had a sneaky “warm” day then got pummeled with another snow storm.  Over it.  Need spring.

2.  I am back at Bikram about 3 times per week.  I love it and I hate it.  The thing I hate the most is the length of time.  Not because it is too long in a scorching sweaty room, but because 90 minutes on a weekday is a lot.  By the time I get to the studio, change, go to class, shower then drive home it is almost a 2 hour ordeal.  However, I strongly believe yoga is one of the best forms of exercise.  Each class I find myself improving a tiny bit – the main reason I love yoga.  You can only get better with time.

3.  I still have been eating pretty well.  Unfortunately, certain events at work, a few lazy nights, and a lot of wine have thrown me a little off course.  I try to use My Fitness Pal as often as possible in order to be held accountable for my food intake.  Tonight I planned my menu for the week  (including lunches and breakfasts) in order to eliminate unnecessary binges.  I think each week I am going to try to challenge myself to eliminate one thing that week ex) cheese, coffee.  This week I am going to try to just have tea in the morning.

4.  My continued thoughts on organic eating…  I am still buying organic when I can / I deem important.  Here is a list of what I buy organically and don’t think I’ll go back:  brown eggs, chicken breasts, apples, kale, chicken stock/broth.  The cost of organic berries, citruses, and some other veggies aren’t so cost efficient at the time for me.  I tried the organic milk and maybe someone can explain this to me, but the expiration date is like over a month.  How is it able to remain that fresh?? I would assume organic milk would expire way sooner.  Ma’am refuses to drink the organic milk which I thought was kind of funny.

5.  I am super excited to announce that Cooking Like Lou and I have paired up to bring you Love Your Lunch Series!  I work in an office all day and when I hate my lunch, I eat poorly.  In order to prevent doughie eating, we will be giving you tips and recipes for yummy lunches that you will love.  These won’t necessarily be recipes for a lunch, but a combination of items, tips on making them ahead and all things lunch.  They also will keep your wallet happy – have you ever put together a list of how much money you spend on lunches during the week?  It can be quite sickening.  We will be posting a Love Your Lunch series each Tuesday so stay tuned!

Are you a food blogger and interested in participating?  Contact me and we can talk about opportunities!

6.  I am pretty pumped for the Fourth of July because of this gem I bought.  I already wore it and will be wearing it prior to the 4th of July but how perfect is it? Stars & Stripes Cardigan.  I may have bought it just because the company’s name is Tobi…

7.  I added a section to my blog called Doughie Bites.  It is where you will  find posts like these and all other lifestyle/social updates not pertaining to food.  So if you are interested in following along, you can find them there.

Have a great week!