Potato Pancakes


On Christmas Eve, I made mashed potatoes and clearly over estimated the amount of potatoes I needed.  We had so many leftover mashed potatoes so I decided to make potato pancakes on Christmas morning.  I was a little skeptical how they would turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised so here they are making their debut.

I started by combining 2 cups of the leftover mashed potatoes, 1 egg (lightly beaten), flour, cheddar, salt and pepper.  If you have chives on hand, definitely add those now (I didn’t have any).


I used a spoon to combine everything together.  Then I pour some flour onto a plate it order to dredge the cakes.  Use your hands to form the mixture into patties then place into the flour and set aside.

IMG_3035 IMG_3038 IMG_3037

In a large pan, I heated canola oil until almost smoking and gently placed the pancakes into the oil.  They cooked about 4-5 minutes per side depending on their thickness.


After all the pancakes were cooked to a perfect crispness, I topped them with some remaining stuffed mushroom mixture.  I suggest topping with a dollop of sour cream & chives.


So I didn’t feel too bad making all those extra mashed potatoes.  It was definitely a different, savory breakfast option which is right down my alley.  They were very easy to make and were actually even great as leftovers the next morning.

You can click here for the recipe.