Strawberry Banana Flaxseed Smoothie

{the pretty smoothie}


I have been really into smoothie-making again.  They are just so easy to prepare and the combinations are endless.  I started making individual bags of smoothie combinations and putting them in the freezer.  I portion each for 1 smoothie, freeze it, pop into the blender, add a liquid, blend, pour, go.  The whole time change caused me to wake up a bit later so they were quite handy for a morning breakfast.

IMG_3639For these two combinations, I did the following:

#1) 3 very thin lemon slices, 1/2 cup frozen peaches, 1 handful of kale
#2) Fresh strawberries, blueberries, cherries, a handful of kale

Have you ever tried the Naked brand “smoothie” blends?  I really like them and usually cut them in half with water.  However, they are pretty calorie packed so I try to just use them as meal replacements.  I started trying different blended juices at the store and really liked the Bolthouse blends.  I tried the Carrot and Mango one – it was just OK, but the Amazing Mango one was, well, amazing.  It also is pretty thick so I cut it with water again.  I only used 4oz of the juice and the rest water.


I am featuring this smoothie as a “recipe” on today’ post because I used the little addition of flax seeds.  Now, I wish I had used ground flaxseeds to reduce the seediness if you will.  So if you have a grinder, grind those babies up.


So what’s the deal with flaxseed?

These seeds aren’t new to our world, they have been around for millions of years.  Us smart humans are just now wrapping our head around the health benefits of them – some of which are listed below.

+ Omega 3 essential fatty acids — the good fat that keeps our ticker healthy
+ Fiber — keep things flowin’ and our digestive system clean
+ Lignans — an antioxidant that protects against cancer-causing agents

Flaxseeds are pretty tasteless in my opinion.  I tend to add them into smoothies or sometime sprinkle over a salad.  For 2Tbsp they have about 75 calories – not bad at all for the health benefits that they punch.  A large container will last you a while too so go grab one and start using this wonder seed.

strawberry mango banana flaxseed smoothie

1/2 cup strawberries
1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp flaxseeds
4 oz Amazing Mango
4 oz (or more) H2O

Add all ingredients to a blender and process until desired consistency.



The Three Green Power Smoothie

{so green.  so healthy.  so good.}


Remember my post about my new thoughts on organic and cleaning eating?  Well one of the topics the documentaries talked about were the powerful benefits of juicing.  This recipe isn’t made with a juicer (I think it could be), but it is a smoothie that will make you feel powerful.

Seriously, this green smoothie is packed with such amazing items that will have your body thanking you and screaming for more.  Drink one of these each morning and you will be giving your body the essential vitamins it needs.  Feel free to swap the fruits for whatever you prefer, but keep the greens the same.

Here’s a breakdown of all the great nutrition and benefits the greens bring to your smoothies.



  • Carotenoids help in eye health and function
  • 1 cup provides your daily recommended dose of Vitamin K & 1/2 of your daily dose of Vitamin A
  • A blast of Potassium which aids in nerve and muscle function
  • A mere 7 calories for 1 cup


  • The flavenoids act as a strong anti-oxidant which prevents cell damage
  • Freshens breath
  • High in folic acid which aids in heart health and disease prevention
  • Very rich in vitamin C which prevents inflammation and can reduce arthritis pain


  • Aids in the body’s detoxifying process which flushes the body of unwanted garbage
  • 1 cup is another blast of your daily Vitamin K needs
  • High in fiber which keeps your body’s digestive system running smoothly
  • Linked to anti-cancer studies

So what are you waiting for?  Head to the store and stock up on these valuable pieces of Earth that will increase your longevity.  Put down the pop or Frappuccino & give your body the nutrients it deserves.

*nutritional information is based on my own research and education. 

three green power smoothie

Recipe by: Doughie
Hands on Time:  4 minutes   ///   Cook Time:  0 minutes   ///   Servings:  2

1/2 cup spinach
1/2 cup kale
1/2 parsley
1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen peaches
1 1/2 cups water

1.  Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until smooth.
2.  Add more water for desired consistency.



Taste of Tuesday: A Smo-ake

200x200ButtonGlit_zps84c0db97Happy Tuesday!  This is my 2nd Taste of Tuesday week and I am sharing with you all a healthy smo-ake [smoothie shake] I made the other night for dinner.  We had a Sunday Funday and I had a mimosa and Bang Bang shrimp tacos for lunch so for dinner a smo-ake was plenty.

You won’t seeing me drink a glass of white milk UNLESS there is an oreo at the bottom and several others for dunking.  I use milk in cereal and other recipes, but a glass of it grosses me out.  Lately, this almond milk fellow has intrigued me.  I came across it in several smoothie recipes and the commercial is kinda catchy.  I grabbed a carton of the Silk light version to try it out.


I will be honest, it is a bit weird – it literally tastes like liquid almonds.  However, I found it to be very nice in the smo-ake.  It made it perfectly creamy, slightly sweet and a nuttiness to it.  Will you find me drinking this by the cup full?  No way.  I will be using it instead of cow milk in my smo-akes, however.  Try it out and let me know what you think!  And don’t forget to check out Jessica & Ashley’s blogs!


Banana Pear Smoothie-Shake

1 pear
1 banana
1 cup light Almond milk
squeeze of 1/2 a lemon
2-3 ice cubes

Use a blender to puree all ingredients and serve chilled.




Banana Almond Butter Smoothie / Shake

{meet the decadent, healthy smo-ake}

Lately, I haven’t been very satisfied with my eating decisions.  It isn’t that I have eaten doughie, but over-snacking a bit.  I love to snack.. love, love, love.  As my sister likes to call it “SNACK ATTACK”.  I try to stick with healthy snacks: fruits, cottage cheese, pretzels.  However, I started using My Plate hosted by Livestrong again and realized that although these are healthy alternatives they can be high in calories & sugars.  I was using Weight Watchers online and didn’t really care for it as I was eating my points and my weight wasn’t budging.  For my stature, I don’t think it was my best option to track my health.  Heck I would eat fruit all day and be satisfied – zero points!  But, like I said, full of sugar and calories.  So I started to use My Plate and eat under 1200 calories per day.  Hopefully, this will boost my weight loss & keep my health kick on track.

Today at work I had the Loaded Spinach Salad from Tropical Smoothie – no bacon.  When I got home I looked up the calories on their website and almost died.  Really??? 660 calories.  Now, I didn’t get the bacon so I imagine that cuts back a bit and I also only used about 1 tablespoon of the dressing.  Restaurants sure are tricky!  Here have this amazing, but healthy salad.  NOT.  I was so disappointed in myself for not looking at the calories first, but like I said I cut out some of them.  And the calories were definitely worth it!  It was very good and satisfying.  

Due to my calorie-laden, yet satisfying salad at lunch, I knew I wanted something simple for dinner.  I had some bananas to use so I decided to go with my banana peanut butter chocolate shake/smoothie.  This has peanut butter, banana, and chocolate milk.  The chocolate milk was out so I decided to switch it up.  I used fat-free white milk and almond butter instead.  However, I did keep a bit of the creamy peanut butter in my smo-ake [smoothie-shake] because I didn’t want the almond butter to be too raw.  The smo-ake is so delicious and decadent enough to taste like a shake, but still healthy.

I paired my smo-ake with some sliced cucumbers with a bit of low-fat chive cream cheese, a clementine and a handful of goldfish crackers [hello guilty pleasure].  Overall my Friday night was healthy and relaxing.  I have a lunch date tomorrow with an old coworker and have a feeling I will post about the doughie restaurant we will be checking out!  Until then… happy Friday :)


{click here for the recipe} 



Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

{my green goddess}

On nights without Chase, Bryan and I either have things we know he wouldn’t like or we just have a “whatever” night.  Yes, we have coined these nights “whatever”.  Aka eat whatever you can find in the house.  I had a delicious salad from the salad bar at Whole Foods today so I wasn’t really starved for dinner tonight.  One of my go-tos is a smoothie.  I love adding kale and/or spinach to them for an added boost of nutrients.  Although I love the taste of kales and spinach for those who don’t this is a great way to eat them.  The sweetness of the fruit takes away from the taste of the veggies.  The smoothie is pretty filling so it serves as a great dinner replacement.  It also is great for breakfast!  I hope you enjoy :)



{Click here for the recipe}