Roasted Parsnip & Carrot Soup

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Hello!  Welcome to my very beginner blog.  It has been a long time coming, but I have been told by so many people to start one and post my food adventures / my writing.  Throughout my posts, you will learn about my life, family, friends, inspirations, goals, ideas, dreams, and more.  Most importantly, I look forward to being able to share my recipes.  My family will all get a good chuckle about the name of my blog.  Ever since I can remember I have been called Doughie.  When I was little I was a bit, well, doughie.  I think you get the idea where the nickname originated.  Every family event since I can remember is centered on a meal.  Growing up with a family who loves to eat, celebrate, and cook I have naturally developed a love for the kitchen.  In lieu of the dreary fall weather today, I decided to prepare a very autumn soup.  The sweetness of the parsnips paired with the fresh carrots creates a very light and flavorful soup.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Roasted Parsnip & Carrot Soup


{Click here for the recipe: Roasted Parsnip & Carrot Soup}

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