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Today while doing my usual Sunday blogging & blospiration reading I came across a challenge that seemed so fun.  It is called Elf for Health & is a four-week well-being challenge.  The challenge was already well underway, but I saw there was an opportunity to jump in at round 2.  I was a bit late for this sign-up as well, but the “Head Elves” said I could take part “unofficially”.  I could use the motivation & it is never too late to get healthy!  Check out their main site here for more info!  Elf For Health.  If you want to join me in the “unofficial” listing let me know!  I am going to posting on their Facebook page shortly to find my buddy!


Today’s challenge was to make a list of 20 things I am grateful for so here goes!


1.  Laughter.  The best medicine.
2.  Family.  Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins & their health.
3.  Bryan.  My other half.
4.  Chase.  My little man.
5.  Toby & Ramona.  Fur babies make me so happy.
6.  Shelter.  Not everyone has a roof over their head.
7.  Books.  Gives me the ability to travel to different worlds & time periods.
8.  Big comfy sweaters.  So cozy.
9.  The color pink.  It is so happy.
10.  Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte.  There isn’t any one better.
11.  Butter.  It makes everything better, but doughie.
12.  Lemons.  My favorite citrus, always in my water.
13.  Gerber daisies.  So beautiful.
14.  Pictures.  Memories forever.
15.  Pinterest.  It makes the world a craftier place.
16.  Scarves.  They make any outfit come together.
17.  Not So Doughie.  My new favorite job.
18.  My health.  I can run, climb, breathe, eat, sing, hear, and see.
19.  Blankets.  Cuddly & warm.
20.  Love.  It is all you need.

I started my list pretty straight forward, but there are so many teeny things I am thankful for that goes unnoticed.  What are some things you are grateful for this season that are outside of the box?

I can’t wait for day 2 of my Elf for Health challenge.  Bring it on!


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One thought on “#Elf4Health

  1. barb

    What a sweet post…written by a sweet girl! I’m sure Grandma is smiling knowing how you treasure her things…I’m also sure she would want you to dump the old sugar!


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