French Onion Soup


This weekend we got a decent amount of snow to kick off the Christmas spirit even further.  That being said, it was a good evening to enjoy a bowl of steamy soup.  With Chase under the weather and the snowy wonderland outside, it seemed fitting and Bryan suggested he make his French onion soup.

Bryan was not the most knowledgeable in the kitchen prior to meeting me.  I will toot my own horn on this one… I definitely got Bryan to learn to cook and really enjoy it.  Throughout our relationship, I have taught him a few things, but he also threw himself into my passion.  He makes some pretty impressive meals and I am lucky to have a boyfriend who knows how to cook 🙂

Typically, Bryan’s go-to genre is sauces/marinades and grilling.  However, his LOVE for French Onion Soup led to him creating his own recipe for his favorite soup.  I love a good bowl of soup and this one is no exception.  The caramelization of the onions and the flavorful beef broth pair perfectly.  The best part?  Of course it is the melting, bubbling cheese overtop his homemade seasoned croutons.  The bowl of soup made a perfect meal for the blustery cold winter evening.  I stand by his soup & highly recommend adding it to your menu this week.  Happy Souping!

{Click here for the recipe}

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