if I could go to lunch with….

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So it’s been awhile since I linked up with all the lovely ladies participating in The Girl Between the Lines.  Being mainly a food blogger, sometimes I find it difficult to write as freely.  However, I really love all my other favorite lifestyle bloggers out there and it is starting to become more natural.

Also, I have to mention… when I posted about Bryan and I being together for 3 years, my blog views that day were the highest ever.  And by best ever, I mean surpassing my previous best ever by 100 views.  He likes to think his good looks & awesomeness were the cause of all this traffic.  Either he is right or people are interested in my life?  Not sure, but my lifestyle posts seem to be pretty popular around these parts.

That being said, I wanted to link up with Hayley & Lauren again because I love that everyone in the link up is posting about the same topic.

This week on The Girl Between the Lines we are discussing:

2/26   If you could have lunch with any blogger, celebrity or public figure, who would it be and why?

Figures though, I am never really good at these kinds of questions because I have trouble picking one.  I am going to pick one from each category!

1.  I would LOVE to go have lunch, accompanied with several cocktails with the lovely Erin from Living in Yellow.  People.. I have to read her posts at home most of the time for fear of busting out laughing at work uncontrollably.  I work in a pharmacy, nothing is ever THAT funny… except that one time I was told to “please hold while I change my diaper”.  Anyways, Erin’s blog is one of my favorites to read.  Before starting this blog, I read Living in Yellow regularly.  Not only is she hilarious, her writing flows, she loves a good cocktail, and she shares great tips on fashion & has some tasty recipes as well.  I am quite envious of her life too.  She works her booty off in the morning & blogs away the rest of her day in her freaking adorable office.  Have I officially sounded like a stalker yet?  Great.  She will never want to have lunch with me!  Erin loves life & reading her adventures each day makes me excited to be part of the blogging world.  She is really talented and I cannot wait (if I convince myself) to meet her at Blogcation!  So Erin, here’s a little ode to you and your awesomeness.  Rock on, girlfriend!

2.  If I could meet a celebrity who would it be?


Need I say more??

Unfortunately, lunch with Ryan Reynolds may not be very verbal as my eyes would be just sparkling looking at him.  Therefore, my lunch date would be with Lauren Conrad.  I mean she was on Laguna Beach, practically the best show in its day, right?  I think she is such a talented woman regardless of her somewhat lame role on the show.  She seems fun, yet down to earth & I feel like our conversation would come easy.  Lauren? Ryan? If you are out there reading this, can we have lunch?

3.  A public figure… I pick Ellen.  I love her.  She is hilarious & has such a big heart.  I wish I didn’t have a job just so I can watch her show each day.  I feel too awkward watching it recorded, not the same feel.  I am not a spontaneous, outgoing person, practically the opposite of Ellen, so I feel like lunch with her would crack my shell a bit.  She is always looking to help people & share the little things which I admire.

Now, off to work I go with my lunch pail in hand.  Peanut butter jelly and all.  No lunch date for me TODAY 🙁

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4 thoughts on “if I could go to lunch with….

  1. Elizabeth Lynn

    Can I join you on this lunch date because I would LOVE to go to lunch with Erin or Lauren (actually Ryan too for that matter!)?? It would be absolutely fantastic if you ended up meeting her at Blogcation too! Visiting from TGBTL

    1. not so doughie

      Thanks for stopping by! I was hoping if I tweeted Ellen she would instantly invite me to NY to go to lunch with her. Yeah… that didn’t happen.


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