life currently…

1.  Has me trying out a cleaning eating / detox program.  My sister got me involved in a 10 day cleanse.  Today was day 1 and it was pretty normal, except some strict guidelines:

No alcohol (NO WINE WHAT???).  No sugar.  No wheat/gluten.  No dairy (probably the hardest part).  No caffeine (2nd hardest part).

breakfast:  smoothie or oatmeal dish
lunch:  chicken or fish + brown rice + steamed veggies
dinner:  repeat above

A vegetable “detox broth” can be consumed anytime during the day + a detox bath at night + lemon water + a few dietary supplements.

I feel just fine today & am hoping to keep on track, but I would be lying if I said it was a breeze.  I am writing right now basically I desperately want to run into the kitchen and gorge on the homemade chocolate chip cookies I made (post coming soon).  I will resort to the detox tea I am allowed to drink, which I actually really like… it has a chai-like taste.

My goal with this clean eating/detox/cleanse is to jumpstart my system and start over.  Diet is so important to stay healthy and I noticed myself putting garbage into my body and that needs to stop.  There are a lot of items that are “allowed” on this cleanse so I will be posting a few recipes along the way.

2.  Has me involved in a Diet Bet.  A what?  A bet on my diet.  Sort of… Hallie over at Life Ocean Side created a game on Diet Better.  The concept is simple.  You put in money and pledge to lose a certain percentage of weight loss.  The pot grows.  You work your butt off and win da cashola.  I could use a little extra in my pocket and I am on my healthy, clean eating kick so hoping to lose the 5 pounds I need to claim the prize 🙂  All the while though I will be cheering on the other participants to reach their weight loss goals!  What a great virtual Biggest Loser!

3.  Loving detox baths – I will share the recipe I have been using on my blog once I adjust it to perfection.  It seriously made me feel great & super relaxed.  Post to come soon.

4.  Has me annoyed with work.  Some changes were put into place that has somewhat changed my feelings on work.  Maybe I am just being dramatic & it’s Monday.  I wish Not So Doughie was my j-o-b.

5.  Has me excited for Wednesday. I will be swapping blogs with Marisa @ Cooking Like Lou!  We will be sharing 2 of our go-to Super Bowl appetizers.  We are both really excited!  Check out her blog it is awesome!

5.  Has given me a migraine.  I just released I have a killer headache.  Maybe it is my body detoxing?  Who knows, but that just means early bedtime for me!  I’ll leave you with a picture of Mr. Toby feeling my pain…

IMG_3056until next time,


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