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I have never coined myself a morning person or a night owl. I find myself to be a little bit of both, or neither really. Since having kids and particularly this pandemic, I adopted the lifestyle of an early riser.

Once Will finally (sort of, not really) started sleeping through the night I began to wake up increasingly earlier in order to have some time to myself. It started with just some quiet time to watch the news, drink a warm cup of coffee and be alone. It eventually evolved to include my workout hour.

I don’t always wake up at 5am, but it is my plan every night when I go to bed. That morning time sets my day up in a much more organized way. I don’t feel rushed (even though we have no where to go) and my mood is much better. On the days I have given myself time alone in the morning to workout, drink that coffee or stare into space, I find my patience doesn’t wear thin quickly and my overall mom-ing much better.

It is so important to find time to yourself, especially right now. We are all cooped up together and oftentimes running on fumes, patience out the window. Being able to regroup and recharge can certainly improve your overall mental well-being. I encourage you to find the time each morning to wake a bit earlier to do what will set your day up for success. Do you want to exercise? meditate? read a book? journal? pray? Whatever it is, even if it is 15 minutes or less, find the time. You won’t regret it.

The hardest part is getting out of bed. Once your head is off that pillow and your feet hit the ground, you won’t question your decision. Need help trying to navigate how to get your booty out of bed? Below I am sharing the 5 things that I focused on in order to change my mindset to begin enjoying and looking forward to those early hours.

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