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{yes, I blog about my cats, deal with it}

I was at Target on Saturday getting some things I needed for Chase’s Closet Makeover.  I needed to get some Fancy Feast because my two kittens are spoiled rotten and get wet food twice a day.  I always have to scope out the end of the aisles because that is where all the amazing deals are right?  I was trying my very best to only buy needed items, but this just was something I HAD to buy.  Sushi shaped kitty toys!!  Sashimi, sushi rolls, and a cat nip filled “soy sauce”.

We had given Toby & Ramona (otherwise known as Ma’am) catnip (aka kitty speed) to see if they did anything different and they didn’t.  They sniffed it and walked away.  Maybe we had some expired catnip? I am not an expert on this herb of choice, but when they were introduced to the soy sauce catnip…My god, I hadn’t experienced them this crazy over a toy before.  They rubbed their faces and paws and meowed and pounced and “bird called” and attacked the sushi toys.  They loved them all, but had a thing for the soy sauce – maybe they love salty over sweet like their mama (crazy cat lady moment).

These toys are made from all natural material and were safe for my kittens if they ingested a bit as they tore them apart.  The soy sauce has taken a beating and the writing is basically gone, but they are pretty sturdy toys.  Boots & Barkley make all kinds of pet products.  Target had a large selection & I strongly suggest buying your furry friends some products in their line.

Check out Boots & Barkley’s line @ Target here.

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