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I wanted a Banana Split

{banana split, reconstructed} Last weekend, we went to Kalahari with Chase & my little brother.  On Friday, I started to get that sore throat feeling / clicking in your ears when you swallow feeling.  Great.  I was going to have a head cold while in a germ thriving 85 degrees indoor water park.  Luckily, I […]

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Strawberry Banana Bread

{okay, it’s a little doughie} There’s this rack at the Kroger I frequent that has intensely marked down items.  Typically, bananas are on the shelf and are practically brown & cost about 89 cents.  Every smoothie I make has a banana in it so I buy the bushel and freeze them.  The most recent bushel […]

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Taste of Tuesday: A Smo-ake

Happy Tuesday!  This is my 2nd Taste of Tuesday week and I am sharing with you all a healthy smo-ake [smoothie shake] I made the other night for dinner.  We had a Sunday Funday and I had a mimosa and Bang Bang shrimp tacos for lunch so for dinner a smo-ake was plenty. You won’t […]

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Banana Almond Butter Smoothie / Shake

{meet the decadent, healthy smo-ake} Lately, I haven’t been very satisfied with my eating decisions.  It isn’t that I have eaten doughie, but over-snacking a bit.  I love to snack.. love, love, love.  As my sister likes to call it “SNACK ATTACK”.  I try to stick with healthy snacks: fruits, cottage cheese, pretzels.  However, I started using My […]

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Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

{my green goddess} On nights without Chase, Bryan and I either have things we know he wouldn’t like or we just have a “whatever” night.  Yes, we have coined these nights “whatever”.  Aka eat whatever you can find in the house.  I had a delicious salad from the salad bar at Whole Foods today so […]

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