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it’s my birthday, I’ll eat quinoa if I want to…

…but in all reality, I definitely don’t want to.  Who eats quinoa on their birthday?? Birthdays are supposed to be about cupcakes, sprinkles, cheesecakes, drinks and whatever ones birthday heart desires to eat, right? So yes.  Today marks the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday: Or the 26th anniversary of this pretty cute DOUGHIE baby.: […]

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#LoveYourLunch – Mandarin Cabbage Salad

{the crispy salad} Hi there!  Welcome to another week of Love Your Lunch.  I really love this series because not only does it give me ideas and inspiration for my lunches, but it allows me to blog about my simpler culinary adventures.  Sometimes, I feel like I need to blog ingredient-rich, 100% homemade recipes.  I […]

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#LoveYourLunch – Caprese Flatbread

{the ultimate trio} Welcome back to yet another week of Love Your Lunch!  Marisa & I are excited to have Becca on board now for the series.  Now there are three different ideas for some great, yet simple lunches.  Think how easy it is going to be to start loving your lunch!  We post our […]

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#LoveYourLunch – Sweet Peach Arugula Salad [part 2]

{sweet like a peach} Welcome to the second installment of the Love Your Lunch series!  For those of you new to these posts – I summarized the gist of it here.  Don’t forget to check out what Marisa is posting on Cooking Like Lou too!  We are very excited to have Becca from Two Places […]

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dough bites

It’s been awhile since I posted a life currently update so here goes: 1.  I know I have complained about it before, but I am done with this winter.  We had a sneaky “warm” day then got pummeled with another snow storm.  Over it.  Need spring. 2.  I am back at Bikram about 3 times per […]

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