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Simple Fresh Herbed Reds

{meat & potatoes} Another side dish strikes again!  I love red potatoes.  Well, I love potatoes.  However, I know my body doesn’t necessarily need the sugars and carbs that come along with them.  However, for some reason I pretend eating red potatoes is healthier. I’ve made them every which way:  mashed, smashed, boiled, roasted, potato […]

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Maple Sage Roasted Carrots

{what’s up, doc?}I forget about carrots a lot.  Cooked ones at least.  We eat our fair share of raw carrots & hummus in my house, but roasting them is always overseen.  Probably because Chase prefers them raw and Bryan doesn’t care for them at all.  I think he liked these ones though!  He ate some… […]

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Creamy Linguine & Clam Sauce with Sage

{a twist on the original} Linguine & Clam Sauce is one of my go-to meals at any Italian restaurant.  It also is a quick and simple weeknight meal.  If you are weird about canned clams, don’t be.  They do not give off a strong fishy smell, they are not slimy, and they are not gritty. […]

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