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Curried Cauliflower

{whole foods copycat} See what I did there?  bolded the cat part.  Crazy cat lady at heart 🙂 You guys, I love Whole Foods.  It’s too expensive for my lifestyle though.  The main thing I love is the salad bar and prepared foods section.  It’s about a $9 lunch so I only allow myself to […]

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Speedy Parmesan Thyme Risotto

{creamy, savory goodness} If you follow along with me on Instagram, you most likely saw my picture of my visit to the meat market.  I was introduced to this little gem and will be headed there on a weekly basis.  The place is called Market Place Meats & Deli and is relatively close to our […]

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it’s my birthday, I’ll eat quinoa if I want to…

…but in all reality, I definitely don’t want to.  Who eats quinoa on their birthday?? Birthdays are supposed to be about cupcakes, sprinkles, cheesecakes, drinks and whatever ones birthday heart desires to eat, right? So yes.  Today marks the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday: Or the 26th anniversary of this pretty cute DOUGHIE baby.: […]

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Mexican Quinoa Bake

{keen-wah} I am assuming by now everyone has heard of quinoa.  It’s the new black of the grain world, even though some others are trying to stomp it out (barley, bulgur etc…)  I can’t really remember when I first tried it, but I know I liked it.  I mean, it really doesn’t taste like anything. […]

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The Three Green Power Smoothie

{so green.  so healthy.  so good.} Remember my post about my new thoughts on organic and cleaning eating?  Well one of the topics the documentaries talked about were the powerful benefits of juicing.  This recipe isn’t made with a juicer (I think it could be), but it is a smoothie that will make you feel powerful. […]

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