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Saying that I enjoy writing for Not So Doughie is an understatement.  I love coming home and deciding on what to post next.  I know that the main goal of my blog is to share my recipes & food thoughts.  However, I enjoy also sharing my adventures and just every day things.  

Lately, I have had a mild obsession with scoping out new blogs whether they are food, lifestyle, mommy, or photography blogs.  The talent in the blogging world is quite impressive.  Not to mention, I love reading about others experiences, thoughts, and adventures.  Today, while getting lost in the blogosphere I came across a link up on Lauren’s blog The Albrecht’s Blog called The Girl Between the Lines.  The two hosts of the link-up give a prompt to write about each week and then those involved post the link to their post on their blogs.  I hope that by getting involved in these kind of interactions will increase the traffic to Not So Doughie! 

So here goes!

This Week’s Prompt: Your favorite things about the holiday season.

As you are all aware, my house is now glistening with the holiday spirit.  Last weekend was spent decorating the house and I have really enjoyed cuddling on the couch (most likely with my kittens) and admiring our Christmas tree.

It is impossible to pick ONE thing that I love about the holiday season.  There are many things that make me happy during this sacred time of the year.  Below I have listed a few of my favorite things.

1.  Raindrops on roses.
2.  Whiskers on kittens.

Okay kidding… well not really, but those aren’t holiday things.

My Top 5 Favorite Holiday Things

1.  The magic of Christmas.

2.  Big, fluffy snowflakes that get stuck on your eyelashes.


3.  Cookies & Coffee on Christmas morning


4.  Meaningful ornaments & decorations.

5.  Following traditions (watching Home Alone, reading The Night Before Christmas, going to church etc) & making new memories.


I hope your holidays are full of all of your favorite things!


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