What Crepe?

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Today, I went out to lunch with one of my old coworkers and friend, Lauren.  It had been awhile since we had hung out and it was so nice to catch up.  


We decided to try “What Crepe?” in Birmingham.  OH EM GEE.  It was so delicious!!  Situated right on the main street, the cozy little cafe was rustic, yet elegant [my future wedding theme].  Feeling sweet or savory?  They have something that will satisfy your needs on their menu.  We both made our own crepe even though the menu had us salivating at all the options.  I had:  swiss cheese, asparagus, caramalized onions, and their sautéed mushroom blend.  The most delicious part was the “truffle zip sauce”.  Wow.  This was so good!  A hit of truffle, lots of garlic, and creamy.  I don’t imagine the woman next to me at Nth Degree appreciated my heavy breathing with added garlic truffle sauce… oops.

Check out What Crepe?’s menu here.


After lunch, we wandered around downtown Birmingham checking out the cute little boutique shops.  MOM – when you come visit we are going here.  Reminded me of you the whole time.  It is our kinda shopping 🙂  It got me really into the Christmas spirit too!  It was a tad chilly out, but a nice day.  Our last stop was Francesca’s boutique.  Lauren and I both love this store and we would always let each other know about sales and deals.  It is such a great store for trendy clothes and costume, fun jewelry.  Fortunately for us (unfortunate for our wallets), it was buy two get one free for all jewelry.  I got two pairs of earrings and an awesome bracelet.  Lauren also took advantage of the sale.  If you have a Francesca’s near you, stop by and take advantage of the deal!


IMG_2461 IMG_2465

Today was a great day 🙂  A yummy lunch [which inspired me to create a recipe to come soon for crepes], shopping, great workout at Nth Degree, and a nice night with Bryan accompanied by a lovely glass [or two] of wine.  I will take a Saturday like today any day!  Tomorrow is week 2 of my closet makeover project so back to work after a fun-filled Saturday.  Until next time, happy Saturday 🙂


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