Wonton Soup

{takeout at home part II}

What was supposed to be a “whatever” night turned into an amazing dinner.  I will toot my horn on this one, guys.  It turned out way better than I anticipated.  I had some ground pork in the fridge that needed to be used ASAP and I also had randomly bought some wonton wrappers.  I was thinking about making some type of dessert with the wrappers, but I wanted to keep on the Asian food train.  I have researched wonton soups for a while and decided to finally take the plunge.  I mentioned the idea to Bryan and he was instantly interested.

When I got home from work, we watched a few videos on how to fold the wonton.  We both tried and failed deeming this adventure a bust.  However, I fiddled around with one and decided I liked the way it turned out – authentic or not, it worked.  The wonton did not take long at all to make.  I thought this would be a cumbersome dinner, but it was actually quite easy and quick.  It’s a great recipe to make with someone and even gets kids involved.  Chase wasn’t here tonight, but I think he would enjoy making them.

Growing up I hated Chinese food so I am surprised by my intense interest in the Asian cuisine.  My palate obviously has changed and I now really enjoy Chinese food.  It is also very fun to make – I enjoyed making the fried rice like I mentioned in my earlier post.  And making the wonton was fun too.  They also can be very healthy, but full of flavor.

The soup was a perfect dish for tonight.  It was freezing outside so the piping hot broth warmed me up.  Bryan and I were able to make the soup together which is always fun 🙂  Don’t be scared and think this looks too complicated or is too time consuming.  It isn’t!  Try it out and you will be pleasantly surprised.  In my opinion, I thought it was better than take out.  I hope you try out my soup!  Let me know how it goes!


{Click here for the recipe}

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